History of Indo US Cultural Association

History of Indo US Cultural Association

Our Indo US cultural Association of Winston-Salem was founded by Dr.Gokhale in the 1970s. Dr.Gokhale was a well known Professor at Wake Forest University . It was his idea to start an Association which would serve as a bridge betwee n Indians and local American community and hence the name Indo US Cultural Association. The Association was originally started with about 8-9 families as members and over the years has grown with current membership of about 126 families. “The association served as a platform for local Indian families to connect with Indian culture. Through celebration of festivals especially Diwali, children and adults displayed their talents and exposed Indian art to their American friends.


The 1980s were a time for building bridges with the Triad community as a whole. Members took an active part in the annual India Fest event – “Utsava” held in May. The event took place in downtown Winston-Salem encompassing all communities in the Triad. Through various community service events like planting trees for the beautification of Winston-Salem conducted by the city, canned food drive during Diwali for the Food Bank and raising funds for disasters in India, IUCA became the go to Indian Association in the Triad.


Through the 1990s IUCA solidified its position amongst both its members and the through the city of Winston-Salem too. Annual events grew from a couple to four major events. Extravagant displays of cultural programs, interactive demonstrative workshops and vendors serving an assortment of Indian cuisine became the trademark of IUCA events.

2000s- IUCA has continued to grow in size and activities, thanks to the support of all its members, sponsors and the city of Winston-Salem. Today we have 8 major events throughout the year. “Utsava” sees crowds of 3000 and more every year.

IUCA can proudly say that it offers the Triad an opportunity to experience and develop an appreciation, rather than just tolerance of India’s stunning culture

including food, cultural performances, exhibits and goods. Through Diwali and Dandiya, Holi and Independence Day, we are continually able to renew a sense of pride in our ethnicity.

IUCA is truly a joyful celebration of all that is Indian.

Here are the names of some of the presidents of IUCA who have succeeded Dr. Gokhale in continuation of his efforts to keep up the association.

Name Year
Dr.Madho Singh 1970
Dr.Bhag Singh Siddhu
Dr.Bharath Shah
Dr.Deva Sharma
Mr.Ibrahim Abbas
Mr.Ali Adrios
Mr.Babu Nallamala
Dr.Kumar Dongre 1980
Mrs.Manju Gangwani until 1994
Mrs.Urmil Jindal 1995
Mrs.Brij Tannan 1996
Mrs.Jaya Swamy 1997
Mrs.Uma Thotakura 1998
Dr.Venkata Challa 1999
Mr.Gandhi Chinnadurai 2000
Dr.Rajaram Baliga 2001
Mrs.Nishi Chatrath 2002-2003
Mrs.Shuba Mishra 2004
Mrs.Shubha Mishra and Anand Acharya 2005
Mr.Sanjay Prakash 2006
Mrs.Shobha Gaddamanagu 2007
Dr.Ananda Mitra 2008
Mr. Madan Rangabasyam 2009
Mr. Milan Arora 2010
Mr. Manjunath Shamanna 2011
Mr. Krishna Surabhi 2012
Mr. Krishna Surabhi 2013
Mr. Subba Reddy Meka 2014
Mrs.Aparna Shivram 2015
Mr. Manish Kumar 2016
Mr. Narendra Sagar 2017

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