Executive Team

Executive Team


Narendra Sagar – Email: indouswinston@gmail.com

Having lived almost 20 years in Winston Salem I now pretty much call it my home. Having worked on the IUCA Committee in 2009 & 2010 as Treasurer and having actively volunteered for a number of years for IUCA events, I have insider information on what it takes to make[…]

Vice President

Raghu Yammani – Email: indouswinston@gmail.com

I have been associated with IUCA for last 5 years. It has provided me and my family the social fabric that anchored us to our culture and heritage. I am honored and humbled by the responsibility entrusted on me to serve the community.

Executive Committee - Cultural Secretary

Manish Bhardwaj -Email : indouswinston@gmail.com

I have been living in Winston-Salem for quite a while now. I have worked as a volunteer for IUCA many times in the past and have loved it as it helps me remain connected to my roots. I am excited to be a part of this team. I would strive[…]

Executive Committee

Santosh Subramanian Emai:indouswinston@gmail.com

My association with IUCA just started 3 years back and IUCA has helped in being connected with our culture and heritage. I am honored to be part of the 2016 team and look forward to a great year working with a wonderful group.

Executive Committee

Kiran Solingapuram – Email: indouswinston@gmail.com

People-networking for me is an emotional outlet and an enjoyable challenge in the pursuit of excellence. And of course, IUCA is the best platform for this, as it connects people and I love people. Being a member of the IUCA 2017 committee, I will be a part of a great teamwork[…]

Executive Committee

Aarthi Parthasarathy – Email: indouswinston@gmail.com

I am originally from Chennai, India. I have lived in different parts of USA such as Iowa, Nebraska, Upstate New York and North Carolina. I have lived in the Winston Salem area for three years. I enjoy participating in the programs organized by the IUCA.  I support the diversity IUCA[…]

Executive Committee

Chaitanya Marathe Email: indouswinston@gmail.com

Known for easy going nature, I love to interact with people.  As a recent resident of Winston Salem and newest member of IUCA family, I am looking forward to explore and expand my horizons.