“In my opinion IUCA is important to me. I have been a part of IUCA since I was small and it’s a lot of fun to participate in. I have IUCA to thank for bringing me closer to many of my friends and performing at different functions has given me more confidence. I would definitely consider participating in organizations like these in the future. I would contribute with my time this year in IUCA by volunteering.”

Samika Satheesh,

Regan High School


“Indo-US Cultural Association of Winston-Salem aka IUCA – a name that has meant a lot to our family as well as a lot others in the last few years! It’s hard to put the IUCA down as just another Indian Association in the USA which serves as a platform to bind the Indian community together. It is that and much more! What makes it unique is its size – it’s just about the right size that it’s neither too small that it knocks the door to boredom nor too big that you feel drowned or lost in its immense size. The IUCA has also been lucky to have had some good and strong leaders/committee members who have generously put it a lot of time and effort to develop this organization to where it is today. Through the IUCA, we have come together for a lot of social causes too in addition to the cultural fests and festival fun. A lot of us have been able to exhibit or develop talents that we hitherto were not aware of ourselves!! The greatest example would be me dancing at a recent fest. If someone had asked me a few years earlier if I knew to dance, my blank face would have said it all! Thanks to IUCA, I’m now able to add “dancing” to my talent list..Ha ha!!

On a serious note, the IUCA continues to act as a bridge connecting that part of our souls that constantly miss our native country and has helped build that strong camaraderie amongst its members!

Am I already looking forward to the next IUCA get-together? Yeah, most definitely I am!!”

Dr. Vidya Chandramohan.


Being an Indian-American teenage girl growing up in the middle of the Southern United States undoubtedly has its complications. The issues of self-discovery,acceptance, and identity that come with every adolescent’s experience are further complicated. As I am growing up, I have come to realize that taking part in activities with the IUCA is my portal to connecting to my heritage, and for that, I could not be more appreciative. This community has handed me so many opportunities throughout my childhood, and I would’ve been crazy not to take them. I plan on contributing to the association for the duration of my high school career, and maybe even subsequently. My experience with the IUCA has not only genuinely taught me, but also furthered my desire to learn about the Indian culture. To me, the importance of keeping in touch with my roots is immeasurable– and I’m grateful, because this organization has helped me do just that

-Kaaviya Sambasivam


Well… For me, IUCA has been a life changer. Don’t know whether ‘Stella got her groove back’ or not but I did. Who would have thought I can dance let alone dance like a clown. If someone told me that i will be president of an association like this, i would have laughed at them knowing my short temper, ‘in your face’ attitude and my ego (who knows one better than one self). But IUCA did change me and made me a ‘different’ person.

First and foremost, the IUCA kids. Wonderful, talented, passionate and compassionate kids. Passionate kid who want to help grandpa’s village, compassionate kids for their inspiring volunteer efforts, kids who can not only take a joke but treats you like a big kid, the energetic kid ‘Dad, I know i am in 4 dances but can i do taekwondo show too.. Please’ and the list goes on. When they stand before you, they teach you humility. Yes, even old dogs can be taught new tricks. If they can spend hundreds of hours for a dance, why can’t I spend one more extra hour? That is pure motivation and has been secret of my energy (along with boost).

Forget soccer moms. IUCA moms are scarier… . It’s a bad joke. Please go easy on me. Seriously though, the kind of support IUCA gets from Winston moms is admirable. Choreographing, coordinating, driving … Winston Moms, kudos to you. Just to avoid the scary confrontation, had to learn proper planning and the escape plans.

Guys, you are simply superb. Thanks to our camaraderie, after every event, I went home with spring in my step.

And the committees, that is where suddenly you have to be the reasonable one. Now I know the true meaning of proverb ‘set a thief to catch a thief’. Just kidding…  Wonderful memories. Who knew even other people have good ideas? It did improve my listening skills.

All in all, East or West, IUCA is the best!!!

Krishna Surabhi