Welcome to
Indo-US Cultural Association


Indo-US Cultural Association (IUCA) is a non-profit organization – a 501 C (3). Its overarching goal is to foster an innovative member-centered, cultural association that is both resource effective and focused on raising awareness of Indian cultural heritage. IUCA takes distinct pride in promoting cultural awareness through dance, music, drama, and art in the community. It was originally founded in the 1970s. Our Association has grown exponentially for the past 50 years with more than 500 Indian families, now calling the Triad home. Our members are highly educated leaders in their fields of education, information technology, engineering, computer science, banking, medicine, teaching, & more.

Mission Statement

IUCA mission is to organize and promote events to

      • share the beauty of India and unity in diversity of Indians with the Triad community
      • give back to the community we live in and create goodwill for us
      • increase awareness about diverse India culture especially in the younger generations
      • organize activities to get youth more involved and interested in the cultural aspects of India
      • create a platform to share ideas to help all the needs of our community
      • organize events to network and socialize